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The beauty of an organized home

Home is our retreat from the world, yet it’s hard to feel relaxed and at ease when our home environment feels out of control. Maintaining a functional, peaceful home can be challenging when other people (spouses, children, parents, in-laws) influence our space and routines. Possessions gradually multiply and can overwhelm the house and those who lives in it. ‘Stuff’ creates physical and emotional barriers, which block the flow of energy and limits our potential. Creating a smoothly operating household requires eliminating excess and executing efficient routine tasks and chores. I help you assess where new practices will be helpful, and I help you design them.

What I’m Organized… Are You? can do for you

I’m Organized… Are You? provides customized organization and simple household management systems to help you orchestrate a tidy, up-to-date, and functional home that you and your family can enjoy. When everything is in order you will experience peace of mind and will take pride in your home.

Imagine this…

  • Do you want more peace of mind in your daily life?
  • Do you wish you felt more relaxed at home?
  • Would you like to invite guest into your home without stress or embarrassment?
  • Do you want to celebrate more special occasions with less stress?
  • Do you wish you could find what you need when you need it?
  • You can have all this and more when you get organized.

Our clients also tell us they…

  • enjoy spending more time at home
  • look forward to weekends
  • have improved relationships with family, friends, and colleagues
  • have less clutter and more good energy throughout their home
  • no longer have unpaid bills and unopened mail
  • save money by eliminating unnecessary spending, because they know what they have and where to find it
  • save money by buying fewer things
  • feel motivated to take on bigger projects in their lives


The Value of an Organized Workplace

The Value of an Organized Workplace, Office Productivity

Business owners and professionals are challenged to increase their production exponentially to keep up with the competition these days. Large companies rely on technology and outsourcing to keep the bottom line down and production up, making it hard for small and medium sized businesses to compete. Fortune Magazine reports that revenue per worker grew by nearly 10% in 2010 at the Global 500. “Higher efficiency is not just a US story,’ says Morningstar economist Bob Johnson. ‘We’re seeing it all over the world.’”  McGill Murphy, M. (2012, July). Global 500: No Borders, No Boundaries. Fortune Magazine, p163.

The need for individuals to fulfill multiple roles can create stress and scatter energy and focus. I’m Organized… Are You? works with professionals to streamline business operations, and eliminate costly inefficiencies. We help you develop prospecting, marketing, customer relations management and business planning practices and be proactive in your business instead of reactive. Getting organized increases productivity and profits, and positions you for growth. I’m Organized… Are You? also helps you maintain a clean and functional workspace, which is not only considerate to your staff, but is impressive to customers and highly cost effective.

In my youth I stressed freedom, and in my old age I stress order.

I have made the great discovery that liberty is a product of order. – Will Durant

What I’m Organized… Are You? Can do for you

I’m Organized… Are You? can update your work space and processes with carefully selected tools and systems so you and your staff work at maximum efficiency.

A typical example is improving functional traffic flow to accommodate efficient work processes — rearranging furniture and creating a home for tools and papers where they are most likely to be needed can significantly reduce time spent on routine activities.

Eliminating clutter, whether that means purging files, impractical furniture, or decorative items, helps to clear physical space and increase mental capacity.

Developing organized habits and maintaining a functional work space facilitates job completion and increases creative energy from your staff instead of stifling it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop losing business because of a lack of organization? I’m Organized… Are You? can help update every aspect of your business to get you in control and moving forward with clarity.

After getting organized at work, clients report they:
  • experience increased productivity
  • receive compliments from colleagues and clients regarding their office improvements
  • receive compliments from colleagues and clients regarding their improved work habits
  • are on time more often
  • delegate effectively and get more value from subordinates
  • have a more functional team
  • are happier and healthier than before

Office organizing services include:
  • creating a professional yet personal ambiance that reflects sensibilities of the business owner
  • organizing desktops, both physical and electronic
  • improving company documents, forms and protocol
  • managing inflow of business contacts and prospecting data
  • simplifying and improving expense tracking and other recurring tasks
  • creating a more productive workforce by overhauling job descriptions and helping hire and train employees
  • developing lead generation and customer care protocols to make them intuitive and automatic
  • creating a manual of standard operating procedures, which frees up the business owner to enjoy a worry-free vacation or other time off

How I’m Organized… Are You? is Unique

Most organizers focus on de-cluttering, rearranging and filing, but we believe there is much more to the job than that. In addition to offering these basic services, we work with you to organize other aspects of your business to create momentum, as listed above. We initially deal with the paperwork on the desk and in the drawers, and then we address the processes that result in incoming paperwork. We assess your daily, weekly and monthly office routines to see where we can eliminate unnecessary steps.

What good is finding a place to put the weekly report when the weekly reports aren’t helpful? Instead of addressing only the visible items in your office, we understand that those items are the result of a work process. Together we explore your processes and make improvements that eliminate future disorganization.

The difference with I’m Organized… Are You? is that after we have left, your office won’t return to the same disorganized state because you’ll have smart working systems in place.

I’m loving my office and I am so much more productive! -Shea K. Small business Owner

San Diego Professional Organizer - Business & Residential


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San Diego Professional Organizers

About Us

Our Organizers

Unlike many organizing companies, we offer a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and specialties. We’ll match you with the right type of organizer for your needs, to make sure your project is completed in the most effective way.

Our Business Organizers hold degrees in Business Management, have worked across industries in multinational settings, appreciate the value of strategic decision-making and have a proven track record of increasing productivity in their organizations.

Our Residential Organizers are Teachers or individuals who work as care providers, who are attentive to each client’s needs and can lead individuals through the process of change and getting organized at home.

Our Garage Organizers are returning Veterans who are hard-working, goal oriented, team players who benefit from being appreciated at home as much as our client’s benefit from receiving their assistance.

Contact us and we’ll introduce you to the Organizer that’s best for you, and get rid of your clutter right away!

We care about our customers and the community.

Together we facilitate the transfer of over $5000/year of donations to the San Diego community. We are proud members of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and accredited business of the the Better Business Bureau.

I'm Organized...Are  You? BBB Business Review

Owner/Founder Michelle Hubbard

Web2After moving to San Diego in 1999, founder Michelle Hubbard earned degrees in Liberal Studies, Communicative Disorders, and American Sign Language Interpreting. She was a substitute teacher for both traditional and special education for the San Diego City School district and spent many summers as a kayak instructor at Mission Bay Aquatic Center. She took youth on adventure trips through California and Alaska as guide for Adventures Cross-Country and spent time learning outdoor rescue and survival techniques and traveling the word whenever possible. After graduating from SDSU, Hubbard spent the next five years teaching in the US, Canada, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and China. Realizing she lacked a foundation in business, she went back to school and completed a Master’s in International Management from the University of Phoenix online from Hong Kong.

While living in Hong Kong, Hubbard directed a start-up English Language school then become a Business Development Officer with an import/distribution company. Throughout her career in start-ups & business development, she learned the importance of strategic leadership, especially through times of transitions, and saw the high cost to each company of being disorganized as they grew and tried to implement structural and procedural changes to support that growth. Seeing a critical need in the marketplace, Hubbard was inspired to empower people and businesses to be more productive, and feel happier by teaching the fundamentals and the finer points of organization. She has assembled a team of independent organizers to provide customized organization for residential and corporate customers who want to become more productive, cost effective, and confident in their ability to manage their home and business. “I know there’s more than one way to get things done; I will customize a plan that works for you.” -Michelle Hubbard

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you do?

A: I’m Organized… Are You? helps individuals get up-to-date at work and at home. In your business, we provide office make-overs, filing assistance, accounting and customer relations organizing, routine systems and protocol implementation, team development, and help prepare your company for growth. At home we help clear clutter, remove unwanted possessions, organize bills and paperwork, and rearrange your home to suit your style.

Q: What do you sell?

A: Our expertise and hands-on organizing services only. In the case that products such as office furniture or filing supplies would be beneficial, we will suggest items that fit your needs and your budget.

Q: What do you charge?

A: The type of organizing project and specific needs of the customer are taken into consideration when determining rates. Please call us for a brief needs assessment and personalized estimate.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Call us and we will conduct a brief needs assessment and match you with the I’m Organized… Are You? Approved Organizer that is most qualified for the job and best compliments your personality preferences. Your selected Organizer will call you to begin project planning and schedule organizing sessions.

Q: How do we schedule our time together?

A: Home and Office Organizing: You and your Organizer will work out a schedule that suits you. Meeting consistently at the same time and on the same day each week seems to work well for most people.

Garage Overhaul: We will book a garage overhaul two weeks in advance. We aim to complete the project in one half-day, for which you will need to be present.

Q: Is it strange that I feel a little uncomfortable?

A: No. Letting a new person into your personal space may leave you feeling vulnerable. This is normal, and the feeling will pass as we work together and you begin to see results. Being organized is a learned skill, we have all had to learn what works for us and we are happy to accompany you on this journey of self-discovery and improvement.

Q: Is this service confidential?

A: Absolutely. We see sensitive personal information on a regular basis—financial records, client files, email, and junk drawer contents. We guarantee confidentiality. It is our business to keep your business private. I’m Organized… Are You? does not share our client list with anyone.

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I'm Organized...Are  You? BBB Business Review


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I used to dread going into my office because of all the paperwork, junk, and dust everywhere. Michelle completely made over the appearance, organization, and way I handled repetitive tasks– she motivated me to take charge again! I work better than before and actually look and feel good behind the desk.
-Alan G, General Contractor

I work from home and Michelle updated my tired, dirty home office into a clean and modern work space that I’m proud of. She used a lot of my old furniture and decorations in a new way that looks great and represents my style today- instead of what it was 20 years ago. I enjoy having clients and friends over now and save a lot of money by staying home instead of going to cafes and restaurants to find a decent work environment.
– Kevin M, Small Business Owner

Michelle, Thanks for everything! You are like a good personal trainer, but in something that was far more important for me at the moment.
-Brian D, Business Development Officer

When I started working with Michelle, from I’m Organized… Are You? my paper piles spanned 3 offices. Michelle helped me downsize, organize my files and training tools, decorated the office, track expenses, prioritize and schedule my business endeavors. Eventually she hired my intern and helped us develop team communications. Now I’m feeling up to date and ready to take on more work.
-Robert P, Senior Financial Advisor
Michelle taught us techniques for staying organized and training new staff – it saves us a lot of time and frustration. It’s so helpful to have the whole team on board. What a difference!
-Jessica P, Sales Agent

I wanted to reorganize my entire home, after a number of changes in my family estate. My organizer was a take-charge person, with sensible suggestions and good follow-through. We spread the projects out over a couple of months, and I’m extremely happy with the result.
– Meredith K, Homeowner

IOAY came into my house at a time when I was in desperate need of clutter clearing. My organizer really understood me, and tailored her advice and suggestions to my needs. It was a sensitive time for me, but her approach was creative and the pace was comfortable. I feel very lucky to have found her.
-Elisabeth D, Attorney at Law

Michelle did a great job getting my workshop in my garage really well organized and de-cluttered. Now I use it all the time: My Man Cave!
Business Owner, Hobbyist

I could not have made a smooth transition into my new business space without the assistance of Michelle and her team! I needed help figuring out how to best utilize the small space I had for my new office and she provided a consultation and design overview that was inspiring along with designing specific areas for my work station that all now play an important part in my successful business operations. She is truly a blessing to have as a valued business partner!
-Jen D, Senior HR Specialist

It’s the kick in the ** that I so desperately needed to get me moving forward—successfully. – Joe S.